1-Andro is a very popular non-methylated prohormone. It’s very popular among bodybuilders because it does not convert to DHT or estrogen. These are two big worries that users have. So because it is non methylated, doesn’t convert to DHT, doesn’t convert to estrogen, you don’t have to worry about excessive liver stress (or other organ stress), potential hair loss and going bald, or estrogen side effects such as gyno, sometimes called “bitch tits”.

How Does 1-Andro Become Testosterone?

1-Andro converts to 1-testosterone. While this is not specifically testosterone, it is much more anabolic and doesn’t carry all the negative androgenic side effects that testosterone does, such as hair growth and aggression.

When does 1-andro kick in?

It varies by individual, how much work you are putting in, your diet and how much rest you are getting. If taking the maximum dose, most users start seeing strength increases in the 2nd week of using it.

Are there any side effects with taking 1-Andro?

Yes, anytime you take a prohormone or andro supplement, there are potential side effects. There was a study at the West Texas A&M University showing a decrease in good cholesterol, an increase in bad cholesterol and more stress on the liver. Now these are common with any type of prohormone, which is why it is highly recommended that you take a cycle support supplement while cycling these types of products.

Will 1-Andro cause water retention?

No, it is known as a dry prohormone, so it won’t bloat you or cause water retention.

Will 1-Andro cause Gyno?

This product does not convert to estrogen, so the chances of getting gyno from taking 1-andro are very, very small. If you want extra insurance against it post-cycle, we would recommend including one of these two products in along with your PCT supplement:

Will 1-Andro cause hair loss?

This product does not convert to DHT, so hair loss from it would be very, very minimal. If it is still a concern, we recommend adding Blackstone Labs Gear Support or IronMag Labs Advanced Cycle Support along with your cycle.

Will 1-Andro cause headaches?

Only in some individuals. It really varies. For 99% of users, they experience no headaches while taking this product.

What results can I expect from taking 1-Andro?

In that same West Texas A&M University study, the participants, who were all advanced weightlifters increase their weight by almost 9lbs and lost almost 5lbs of body fat when taking 1-andro for 4 weeks. This is quite impressive, especially considering they were not beginner bodybuilders.

Other benefits of taking 1-andro include:

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • Lower Body Fat
  • Muscle Hardening (More Pumps & Vascularity)
  • Increased Strength & Power Output
  • Quicker Recovery Times

Affects you don’t have to worry about with 1-andro include:

  • Excessive Liver Stress
  • Hair Loss
  • Bloating
  • Gyno

Does 1-Andro cause a low libido?

It can. If customers are prone to this while on prohormones, it is recommended to add 4-andro, as 4-andro converts to testosterone so it’s better at maintaining mood, energy and libido.

Is 1-Andro Legal?

Yes, well at the date of me writing this it is. As you may know, the government banned many types of prohormones in 2014, but 1-andro was not included in this list of banned substances. This product is 100% legal to buy and use.

Do you need a cycle support supplement with 1-Andro?

While this product is not as harsh as some of the prohormones from the past, it is always smart to take a cycle support supplement for extra insurance. This can help fight off potential side effects, keep you healthier and help you recover. All things vital for a successful cycle.

Do you need a PCT supplement after taking 1-Andro?

While not required, it is still highly recommended. A good PCT (post cycle therapy) supplement can help in a number of ways. It can help weed off potential side effects such as estrogen side, weight gain and overall lethargy. Not only that, it helps increase your libido back to normal levels. It can also help you keep more of the gains you have made during your cycle by supporting to increase natural testosterone levels.

What does a 1-Andro Cycle look like?

Common 1-andro cycles are 4-8 weeks in length. It depends on the dosage you are taking and the experience you have had with prohormones in the past. Most manufacturers will give directions on the bottle on how to take the product and how long you can take it. You should be able to safely run 1-andro for up to 8 weeks.

Can I stack 1-Andro?

Yes, because it is a non-methylated prohormone, you can stack it with other non-methylated prohormones. Some users will also stack it with methylated prohormones, though that increases the risk of side effects. The most common prohormone to stack 1-andro with is 4-andro.

If you are going to stack these two andro products, it’s always important to use proper cycle support and have a good PCT on hand for post cycle.

Can I take 1-Andro Pre-Workout?

Yes, it can be taken pre-workout. Some recommend not to take it with a pre-workout supplement due to both 1-andro and stimulants possibly cause an increase blood pressure, but most do not run into any issues doing so.

Should I take 1-andro on an empty stomach?

No, it is recommended to take 1-andro with food. It will be better digested and some users have noted not feeling well and other side effects when taking it on an empty stomch.

Is there an effective dose that should be taken?

Most manufacturers and users recommend taking between 100mg and 150mg per day. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but on average, each capsule with have around 50mg.

Will taking 1-andro make you tired or lethargic?

No, 1-andro should not do either. Some people do experience being more tired, but this is usually due to a couple things. First, if on 1-andro, you are usually cutting or dieting, so you are not consuming as many calories as usual. Two, you may be training more and training harder, which can cause you to be more tired.

Can I run 1-Andro as a test base?

While some do run it as a test base before taking certain prohormones, it has shown not to be very effective. Most recommend using 4-andro as a test base instead.

Will 1-Andro shut you down?

While every andro or prohormone supplement can do this, the shut down on 1-andro is pretty small compared to others like Super DMZ, Tren or Msten. This is why no matter which prohormone you choose, we recommend running a proper PCT supplement afterwards.

What forms of 1-andro are there?

Most will be pill, tablet or capsule form. But there is liquid and powder forms available as well. We only recommend pill forms:

Should you drink alcohol while on 1-andro?

While 1-andro is non-methylated, it is still not a good idea to drink alcohol during your cycle. There is still some additional stress on the body, including the liver and alcohol and increase that stress. That is why it’s extra important never to drink alcohol while taking a methylated prohormone.

Will I fail a drug test on 1-andro?

It depends on what they are testing for. If they test for anabolic steroids, you will test positive due to the metabolites of 1-Testosterone that are excreted during use. Before beginning any cycle of 1-andro, find out if you will be tested for anabolic steroids.

What are the different names for 1-Andro?

  • 1-DHEA
  • 1-dehydroepiandrosterone
  • 1-androsten-3b-ol-17-one

Is 1-Andro for Fat Loss / Cutting or Mass / Bulking?

Normally customers use 1-andro for cutting and fat loss. That is where this product shines. But it all depends on your diet. You can use it for either. It you stick to a clean lower calorie diet, you can definitely burn fat. If you increase your calories it can help you build more lean body mass and put on weight. Either way, it all comes down to your diet on cycle.

What is the half-life of 1-Andro?

1-androsterone metabolite has an unusually long half life in the body, as it was still detectable at 9 days after the ingestion of just a single capsule.

What is the Conversion rate to 1-testosterone?

Orally, 1-Androsterone has about a 10% conversion rate to 1-testosterone.

1-Andro vs 4-andro, which is better?

Really depends on your goals. Check out our Brutal 4ce vs Chosen 1 guide for more details on each and find out which one is best for you.

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