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The barbell Battalion is not only an online magazine.  We’re an online tool to help those who take their fitness and bodybuilding serious.  We offer up to the latest fitness news, workout routines, healthy recipes for a healthy life, motivational videos and supplement articles and reviews so that visitors can make informed decisions on what they put in their bodies, and not have to waste money figuring out what is real and what is hype.

What is our mission?   To introduce a healthy and alternative lifestyle.  We are passionate about fitness and bodybuilding and we want to share our passion with everyone.  We want to always keep it real.  No B.S. here.  Our reviews will be fair and not biased.  We will always be truthful and always keep our visitors health at the forefront of all we do.  We are current and active lifters, so we know all the B.S. that the fitness world has to offer.  We want to be different and we are. You will see that we talk about very controversial things on our site.  Like we said…we keep it REAL.  you will find articles on steroids, prohormones and S.A.R.M.S.  You will also find 100% truthful articles on the good and the bad of taking any of them.  We don’t sell any performance enhancing drugs, so we don’t have to lie to sell a product at the expense of someone’s health.  We just say it like it is.  People can take it or leave it.

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