Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme

Ingredient Profile

First ingredient is 2g’s of glycerol powder in Hydromax form, this means better water pumps essentially. Other ingredients produce NO while this just uses water in the muscles and basically expands upon it. Could see this as an awesome supplement to take before a bodybuilding show. 1.5g’s of sodium nitrate follows this ingredient which is basically a precursor to the production of nitric oxide. So fits in pretty well lol

The 300mg of rhodiola extract I see more for fighting fatigue than for creating pumps. Alpha GPC comes in next, which I believe is for creating a lot better cognitive focus, making this essentially a good Non-stim pre workout since caffeine highly increases focus, but without it we need something else to take it’s place. Hyperzine A also added in which again is focus based ingredient.

Definitely think Hype Extreme needs some Agmatine Sulfate up in here to get them pumps activated better. Only two ingredients in this to really cause pumps to occur, so more umph is needed.


Due to ingredients mixing was a bit eh leaving grainy residue around even after shaken while chugging it. Dosing is a scoop which was all I really wanted, after awhile I sacked this with a pre workout that has stims. Fruit punch taste is pretty decent, but not sip worthy.


The pumps were there physical appearance wise due to the 2g’s of glycerol, but strength coming with those pumps like other N.O. products was just okay. Didn’t boost it like crazy, but the extra blood flow definitely increased recovery and preventing quick muscle fatigue. Basically it’s worth is dependant on why you use the pump products. Either for strength or for recovery really. Wish it has both factors, but the strength part wasn’t there enough.

I was highly focused on my training, which I definitely knew would happen given most the ingredients in this lol hype extreme should be called focus extreme instead. Really don’t have much else to say about this. Recovered well after training and had good focus. Muscles swelled up for an hour then deflated when pumps gone hahaha


Cheapest I found this for was $35.00 which is too much for 25 servings of focus to be honest. Yeah you get the physical pumps, but I expect pump products to give me strength too from the heightened muscle blood flow.

Side Effects

No side effects


Add agmatine sulfate to this and most likely have a way better pump supplement. Other than that I’d say it’s more for focus than anything else. Didn’t get me hyped, but still enjoyed the product for the training zone it created. Thanks for sending out Blackstone Labs. Love your products but this one I think isn’t quite there.

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