Christina Eleni – October Featured Athlete

 Christina Eleni

Date of Birth: 04/03/90
Ethnicity: half greek/half irish
Height: 5ft 2in
Weight: 5 ft 2
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown 
Location/Hometown: Rhodes Greece/ Northern Ireland Warrenpoint 



What is your athletic background, and how did you get involved with lifting?

I used to be a gymnast and a Dancer and I wanted to keep in shape but wen  moving overseas o got into gym went to my first Expo so competing ND wanted to try it 


What keeps you motivated? 

Being the best and being able to motivate and inspire others receiving beautiful msgs  from fans 

Who’s the most inspirational person in your life?

My mum is the most inspirational  she’s amazing!! 


What does your current training split look like?

(I’m  arm dominant  so I don’t really train them, therefore, no set day for training them.)


What’s your favorite body part to train?



Which do you prefer, and why…steady state cardio or HIIT?

HIIT all the way best way to get it done quick although steady is good at times for comp to prevent muscle loss.. 


What are some of the most common mistakes made when someone is trying to get ripped?

Not consuming enough calories throughout the day, over doing cardio 


Funniest thing you’ve seen at the gym recently?

Squatting with a 4kg dumbbell ? 


Who do you look up to in the fitness world?

Andreia  Brazier fitness model and my mum  


What are some of your favorite motivational quotes?

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 

Limits exist only in the and a strong mind equals power! 
He his not courageous to take risks will accomplish  nothing in life


Do you have any gym, pet peeves?

When you have started training on a certain machine and ur supersetting and then someone comes over and takes ur machine lol


What’s a sport or event that you would LOVE to try?

Ninja warrior I’d love to try lol 


What are the contents of your fridge?

Chicken, salmon, veggies, water probiotic yogurt,  eggs


How do you prepare meals? Do you cook daily or cook for the week?

I cook for 3 days in advance all meals but dinner is cooked fresh if I know il  b home to cook it.


Who is your favorite superhero? And why.

Wonderwoman she is empowering and strong! And that’s wt  I am all Abou?


 What are your favorite cheat meals and foods?

I love Thai food (green curry &rotti bread!)  orrr  mash potato lol?

Ice cream, gelato or fro-yo?

Ice creammmmmm ? ? 


Workout music – what’s on your playlist?

Hip hop, hamster, rap, R&B


What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?

Keeping on top of my food I like to hv nibbles every now and again  ??


What is your greatest achievement so far?

Winning 3 PRO CARDS with 3 different federation in the space of 6 months also moving to the other side of the world and starting a new life. 


If you could interview one person alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Ooohh  not too sure 


What are some of your best diet, nutrition and supplementation tips for someone who wants to get ripped?

Cardio fasted first thing in morning, heavy lifting to build as much muscle as u can, clean eating 


What does your current supplementation plan look like?


Acytel lcarnatin

ISO prept

Whey protein




Alpha prime  ATP
What are your favorite 5 muscle building exercises and why?

Dumbbell shoulder press … Leg press…. Pull ups  ….Barbell bent over rows…..Leg pull downs


Favorite activities and hobbies you enjoy when away from the gym?

Spending time with friends and family & doing spontaneous things 


What are your future goals, dreams, and plans?



If someone wants to connect with you, where can you be found?

Facebook  Christina eleni
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