I was surfing the web one day and saw an ad on Amazon for  DEATH WISH COFFEE with the tag line…THE STRONGEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD.  I thought to myself, what a BOLD statement.  I have had some pretty strong coffee in my days, but none claimed to be the strongest. I ordered it to see if it lived up to the name.

In a few days, I had my coffee.  I was excited to taste the strongest coffee in the world.  I put 3 tablespoons of coffee in my coffee maker and wait.  10 minutes later there is only about an espresso size amount of coffee in the coffee pot.  I opened the lid and there was all the coffee just sitting there.  I guess the coffee is so thick, it won’t pass normally through a regular coffee pot. So I go over to google and ask how to make Death Wish Coffee.  I was sent to a YouTube video that suggests using a french press coffee maker.  So off to the store, I go to buy one.

When I finally got everything right, I filled up my coffee cup sat at my computer and worked on the site you’re on now before hitting the gym.  The taste of the coffee was smooth, not bitter and had a strong aroma.  Usually real strong coffee has a bitter taste to me, but not Death Wish.  I was halfway through the coffee mug when I started to feel really good.  the caffeine was kicking in and man was it kicking.  I left for the gym and I was feeling the caffeine buzz.  I had lots of energy and was breaking a little sweat just driving.

I hit a massive chest day and I felt GREAT!  I had the energy to do the heavy lifting and hit 335lb on the bench that day for two. Went over and did some chest flys hit some dumbell chest presses and then incline press and was fine through the whole 2 hour workout.  The energy was pumping and I could have kept going.  The coffee really was that powerful and really kept me focused. I totally recommend it for the gym.

In closing, I need to say that we are NOT compensated or affiliated with Death Wish Coffee.  I am just sharing my honest experience with their product.  The only bad thing (not really so bad) is the price.  it’s gonna set you back more than a pound of Starbucks coffee.  Death wish cost me $21.00 for a pound.  However, it’s a GREAT coffee to use as a pre workout and if you’re like me…you’ve paid a lot more than 20 bucks for 30 servings of a popular pre workout filled with stimulants.  Also if you subscribe you can get the coffee for $15.99 and choose how often they deliver it!  Give it a try!  If your sensitive to caffein….runaway lol

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