Name: Georgia Kostopoulou

Date of Birth: 05/23/1994
Height: 5’5
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Location/Hometown: Raleigh, NC


 What is your athletic background, and how did you get involved with lifting?

I never really had an athletic background, however, I started ballet dance when I was 5 years old and continued for the next 12 years. My very first time at the gym was when I was 17 years old and that was the first time that I fell in love with it. The next few years I went through a big transition in my life after coming to the U.S so I stayed out of the gym for a while. I got reintroduced to it in 2014 and I completely fell in love with it and I got to know what bodybuilding is. Before that I had no idea what bikini, figure or physique was in bodybuilding.


What keeps you motivated?

The constant desire to improve. Fitness/ bodybuilding seems like a road with no end. Always improving, changing and setting up new goals.

Who’s the most inspirational person in your life?

My fiancé. He is the one that introduced me to the sport and I will always be grateful and thankful of him. He helped me find my true passion and him being a bodybuilder as well inspires me and pushes me more than anything every single day.


What does your current training split look like?








Cardio: Daily


What’s your favorite body part to train?

Shoulders of course!


Which do you prefer, and why…steady state cardio or HIIT?

In my off season I prefer HIIT because I eat more and energy is higher so I can get it done easier. When I’m prepping I definitely love steady state, I usually watch videos on YouTube and I can just go for hours! I also do HIIT when I’m prepping but towards the end of my prep it gets really hard since I’m depleted and fatigue.


What are some of the most common mistakes made when someone is trying to get ripped?

Not eating enough and frequently. There is a huge misconception that getting ripped means starving. I hear that daily and it so wrong.


Funniest thing you’ve seen at the gym recently?

This might not be the funniest but I recently saw a man working out bare foot at my gym.


 Who do you look up to in the fitness world?

Lauren Findley

Ashley Loose

Cass Martin

Wendy Fortino


Swann De La Rosa


What are some of your favorite motivational quotes?

“Everything happens for a reason” – I actually got it tattooed on me when I was 17 years old.


“You can’t except to succeed if you only put work on the days you feel like it.”


“The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.”



Do you have any gym, pet peeves?

I do. When I see people putting dumbbells in the wrong spot drives me crazy!! Open your eyes people, please no more laziness!


What’s a sport or event that you would LOVE to try?

Believe it or not I’ve never tried kayaking and I really want to. I’m actually planning to try it very soon. I love being in the nature. It makes me feel peaceful and it’s the best kind of escape for me.


What are the contents of your fridge?

Nothing surprising here.

Meats: Chicken, Tilapia, Beef


Vegetables: Asparagus (favorite!), broccoli, green beans, peppers.

Carbonated Waters (must when I’m on prep)

Unsweetened Almond Milk

Mustard( lots of it!)




How do you prepare meals? Do you cook daily or cook for the week?

I like my meals fresh so I cook daily. Occasionally I meal prep for a few days when I get very busy with school. Second day food I can handle but I refuse to eat food that’s been sitting in the fridge for more than 2 days. One of my pet peeves!


Who is your favorite superhero? And why.

I don’t really have one. But If I could have one super power it would be read people’s minds.


What are your favorite cheat meals and foods?

Pizza, burger, any kinds of Greek food (of course), Indian food, donuts and all kind of pastries.


Ice cream, gelato or fro-yo?

Gelato all the way.


Workout music – what’s on your playlist?

Surprisingly I don’t like the typical fast pace workout music. I like slower songs just because it makes me focus more and helps me control my reps while developing muscle mind connection.

Creed, Nickelback and the Bourne Ultimatum by John Powell are always on my playlist.


What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?

Nothing is really difficult when you really want something. Just staying in focus and constantly thinking about my goal keeps me away from all challenges.


What is your greatest achievement so far?

I compete for first time and got first at the novice and open division.


If you could interview one person alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Hany Rambod



What are some of your best diet, nutrition and supplementation tips for someone who wants to get ripped?

Staying consistent with diet is a major key for staying ripped and something I see people struggling with. Consuming clean foods rich in nutrients is very important while having very frequent meals thought the day. I hear a lot of people complaining about getting bored eating the same clean foods and I’m always so surprised hearing that. Use spices!! Try new blends or different spices, the combinations you can make are endless. My food is never boring, even the last few weeks on prep. You can always make food tasty without adding any calories. All you need is creativity. Also, water! Lots and lots of water, I know I probably sound boring but it is so important for your body to function properly. In terms of supplementation, stick to the basics, there’s no need to do anything extreme. In my opinion, diet and exercise is everything.


What does your current supplementation plan look like?


Fish Oil

Primrose Oil

Vitamin C

Black Seed Oil


What are your favorite 5 muscle building exercises and why?

Shoulders: Side lateral raises- gotta keep the delts looking full! Really helps develop that round look.

Shoulder press- great overall shoulder exercise that hits all three deltoid muscles. I usually like to leave it for my last exercise for complete exhaustion.


Back: Cable or Dumbbell Pull overs- I truly believe in this exercise. I think it really helped me to make my back wider.

T-Bar row- very beneficial exercise for building thickness on mid and upper back as well as rhomboids.

Pulls ups- an old school exercise that I don’t really see people doing it anymore. There are so many different alternations you can do by placing your hands in different position such as wide grip, closer grip. You can literally hit every single muscle of your back.


Favorite activities and hobbies you enjoy when away from the gym?

I absolutely love cooking and particularly baking-it’s a big passion of mine. Especially when I’m prepping and cravings get unbearable, I love baking for my family and just watch everyone eat. It literally cures my cravings! I also love hiking and being out in the nature. Another hobby of mine is makeup. When I have free time, I love playing with different techniques and colors. I’ve always had lots of creativity juices in me and wish I had time to do it more often and experiment even more with it .


What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas and that’s because of all the delicious Greek food my family makes.


What are your future goals, dreams, and plans?

In terms of fitness, my future goal is to step the national stage within the next few years and a dream come true would be to get my pro card. Another goal of mine is to become a posing coach because I absolutely love posing and helping others present themselves on stage. Outside of fitness, my goal is to get my bachelor’s degree within the next two years.


If someone wants to connect with you, where can you be found?

They can find me on Instagram as “georgiakostfit” and facebook as “Georgia Kostopoulou.”

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