Primeval Labs 1 Andro Max V2 (REVIEW)

When it comes to supplements, there are good ones and there are real shitty ones.  I don’t like to waste my money and get real pissed, real fast when I buy a product and it doesn’t hold up to what it claims to do. I have read so many “rave reviews” for products, tried them and was like…WOW this is really shit.  I come to find out that those reviews were paid for by supplement companies.   That just pissed me off even more. So, I started to do my own reviews.  Let me tell you up front and without a shadow of a doubt, I am in NO way affiliated or compensated by anyone for these reviews.  I will share with you what I took and what I thought. No Bullshit.


Company: Primeval Labs

Product: 1 Andro Max v2

Price:$69.99 90 tabs

What it is it?  1 Andro is a legal prohormone.  it’s also known as 1 DHEA.  1-Andro converts to 1-Testosterone via a 2 step process. 1 testosterone is some pretty powerful stuff.

What’s it for?  The company claims that it will Promote Lean Muscle Mass, Increase Strength Gains, Diminish Fat and Increase Absorption.

What’s in it?  Take a look


What I thought of  1 Andro Max v2:

Well, I did 1.5 cycles of this.  I went for 8 weeks then took 30 days off and did another 4 weeks. I couldn’t finish the second cycle due to the side effects I got.  I really didn’t  I really didn’t have high hopes for  Andro, boy was I wrong.  this shit is AMAZING!  As most people. I want to see gains right now.  Just know, 1 Andro does NOT work that way.  Actually, it took two to three weeks for it to kick in, and when it did I was shocked.  I went from a 225 bench to a 315 bench in one month.  No bullshit, no exaggeration, no nothing.  I am 100% serious.  It was amazing.  this stuff gives you Super Man strength.  I also noticed more aggression in my sessions and that I can go longer and stronger.  All these things were amazing.  The only two things that sucked was the horrible lethargy that came with it and that my appetite went through the roof.

At about the third week I started to feel really tired.  I mean REALLY tired.  Usually only methylated substances or liver toxic substances give you that lethargic feeling in my experience, so I didn’t think it was the 1 andro since it’s nonmethylated, but it was. 1 Andro also had my moods swinging for a bit.  I would get real irritable real quick and found myself yelling at my kids a little quicker than I would.  there were times I had to drag myself to the gym, I just wanted to sleep and my libido started to take a little hit.  Plus my appetite, good God I wanted to eat everything.  I had an unstoppable hunger.  All these feeling persisted until I finished my cycle both times. which kind of sucked since with increased appetite there was no fat loss, but there was muscle gain!  After being off the cycle, I was back to normal within a few days, but it did take a few days.

So, if you want to put on muscle and add strength rather quickly and don’t mind getting super tired and really hungry towards the middle of your cycle…1 Andro Max  V2 is for you.  1 Andro 1s hands down the real deal and I suggest you give Primeval a try.  I also STRONGLY suggest you run an OCT and PCT while taking 1 Andro.,  I got both of mine also through Primeval. You can check out 1 Andro HERE

The Good:

  1. Increased Strength
  2. Increased muscle mass
  3.  increased aggression at the gym
  4.  work out longer and harder


The Bad:

  1. Lethargy sets in about halfway through the cycle
  2. Increased hunger
  3. low libido


Overall Rating

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