Primeval Mega PCT

Ingredient Profile – 9.5

Very impressed with the ingredient profile!! There is a full does of tribulus and and Tongkat Ali for natty test and strength boost along with a good dose of saw palmetto for prostate and bladder health which are solid staples in a lot of PCTs. What really makes this stand out to me is the 50 mg of arimistane (the main and only ingredient in PES erase but at only 25mg) per serving!! Arimistane is a powerful suicide aromatase inhibitor, meaning it keeps estrogen in check along with preventing estrogen rebound during PCT. It also helps with keeping cortisol down which makes this one of my favorite PCT ingredients. Finally they also threw in 7.5 mg of Ostarine which is the most popular SARM and is said to help with strength gains along with body recomp. I just got done taking Tri-SARM which had 10 mg of ostarine per serving (30mg a day) so cutting down to 22.5 mg per day was a good way to cycle off in my opinion.


Really simple for me, I took 1 cap 3 times daily. Once right when I woke up in the morning, one before my afternoon workout and one before bed.

Effectiveness – 8.5

After taking Tre-SARM I did experience some noticeable gains in strength and a little size so I was hoping to keep that going into Mega PCT. I also have had some trouble with gyno in the past and I didn’t want any estrogen rebound for any reason (although SARMs aren’t suppose to have any estrogenic side effects). I am happy to say that Mega PCT did all that and more! After taking Mega PCT for about 5 days I noticed my joints drying out a bit which is a familiar affect from when I took Erase so I could tell the arimistane was working. I could tell by then end that I had a dryer look and feel than before and I would say at the 50mg dose the arimistane was very effective. I really like the Ostarine added in it too because instead of just not loosing any gains I think it helped me put a little more on! I can’t say much to if it helped with test boosting but I did feel at least as strong if not stronger than after I finished Tri-SARM so I know I didn’t loose anything which is what a PCT is suppose to do!

Value – 8

At $35 for a 30 day serving this isn’t too badly price for what you get! You get double the dose of arimistane than erase has and that will cost you $23 alone. Also the added Ostarine and other PCT components really makes this a complete and powerful PCT that is completely worth the money!

Side Effects

Like I said before one side effect I noticed was some drying out of my joints. This is to be expected with arimistane so nothing alarming there. Something to help with that would be to maybe just add a joint supplement of your choice.


I Strongly recommend Mega PCT for anyone looking not only for a good PCT with an Aromatase Inhibitor but also to someone looking to maybe put on a little extra with the addition of a SARM. My respect of Primeval Labs is super high after taking these two products and I think this will be my go to PCT from now on!

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