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Getting right to it, each scoop is 32g in size and contains 25g of protein. For those of us that like to stay low on the carb intake, each scoop of TheWhey contains only 2g of carbs with no sugar. Included in the protein blend are Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate. Each scoop contains 5g of BCAA. Two unique ingredients they added are Aminogen and Digezyme. The MyProtein website states the following: “an expertly developed blend of enzymes that break proteins into their amino acids before being digested to form the building blocks of protein within the muscle.” Cool.



I received the Cookies and Cream flavor and absolutely loved it. It was not overly sweet or thick, which are two things I can’t stand, and it had bits of dark chocolate cookies in every scoop. Unfortunately, these bits couldn’t help themselves from falling to the bottom almost instantly after missing, but once you got there, they tasted great. Mixability was perfect in a standard shaker cup with the ball. The only residue sometimes left was the bits of cookie. I used TheWhey at many different times, but mostly as a postworkout drink. I mainly used it at one scoop at a time because I liked how it tasted.



On their website, MyProtein says “Our unique tri-blend is scientifically proven to help build muscle and shape your figure, delivering the ultimate all-day, every-day shake you need to accomplish what you set out to.” Based on my results, I feel this is a very fair statement. I did use it all different times of the day, always finding a time for it to be useful.

In terms of digestion, this stuff went down great and stayed down great. No disgusting feeling while drinking it or stomach irritations after. It also did not make me feel disgustingly full afterwards.

As hard as it is to gauge effectiveness of a protein powder, I do think it is safe to sat that TheWhey helped me achieve my goals in the gym and throughout the day.



The 60 serving tub, which is what I received, goes for about $54 on the MyProtein website. I checked Amazon but it only found it to be more expensive. I am comfortable paying $.90 per serving of a protein that I know is good quality and made by a reliable company.


Side Effects




Once again, I was way late on this review. I didn’t get it done before I went camping for two weeks up in the sticks with almost no service. Not a responsible move as a TROOPer. With that being said though, I think this is a great protein product and more than likely I will be purchasing some more. I loved the added cookie bits in it and also how light it felt. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to try a new powder. Thanks for reading and thanks to MyProtein for letting us try their products.

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